Osteopathy is an established system of manual therapy that relieves pain, restores mobility and significantly improves the quality of life for many patients without the use of drugs or surgery. It focuses on total body health by treating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework, which includes the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tissues under the skin. It aims to positively affect the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Osteopathy is one of the most effective and safe treatments for a large number of health conditions and injuries. It looks at the relationship between how well your body could be working to how well it is actually working. We work with our hands and this allows us to tailor each treatment personally to the patient. We use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints to relieve muscle tension, to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues, to improve function and aid recovery. We use a specially developed sense of touch to investigate and identify the problem areas throughout the body and then select the treatment techniques most appropriate to the patient to encourage and help the body return to its normal efficient function.

Osteopaths have undergone an extensive four year degree course covering anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body. This enables us to evaluate the best course of action and whether osteopathic treatment is suitable for you.

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