Sports Performance Therapy

Want to run faster? Want to jump higher? Want better technique?

Sport Performance Therapy is what you need! This is where an athlete / a group of athletes can improve their technique and performance through analyzing the biomechanical movements and techniques of sprinting and / or jumping during training sessions and treating any imbalances they may have which may hinder their optimum technique. This not only improves their performance, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury.

With the use of Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Rocktape Kinesiology Sports Taping and our Sports and Exercise Science degree knowledge, we can help the athlete prepare for their big game. Knowledge of the sport is important, as is knowledge of the correct technique, which has been acquired from years of participating in sports such as football, rugby, cricket, squash, athletics and martial arts.

Typically, a workshop involves attending your training session, observing your performance and treating you for any injuries. Also making subtle changes to your body throughout your training to ensure you remain technically efficient and can perform to the best of your ability.

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